The Brand

Khalique is the eponymous luxury lifestyle brand of the award-winning designer, leather specialist and materials connoisseur Fameed Khalique, and represents some of the most avant garde uses of fine fabrics in the fashion industry today. Championing the artisanal aspects of the sartorial tradition in a prêt-à-porter collection, Khalique’s designs are inspired by a lifelong passion for fabric innovation, particularly in leather where hand-crafted techniques have been employed to create extraordinary finishes. Embroidery and beading inspired by haute couture techniques are crafted in India, which has the world’s finest artisans in this field, while embossing, cutting and weaving processes are used to create surprising new textures on familiar surfaces. Khalique pieces push the boundaries of what is possible with natural fibres such as cashmere, leather and suede, with sumptuous tactility always the common thread. 

Fameed brings the same experimental approach to his luxury accessories that he is renowned for in the interior design world. Scarves cut from the softest Italian lambskin suede come micro-perforated for unbelievable lightness and versatility, while a nappa leather is given a refined woven treatment and embellished with a delicate fringe. An intricate honeycomb pattern has also been cut into an ultra-soft suede scarf, bestowing upon it a beautifully light, feathery texture that works for day or evening, man or woman. Over time, the suede fronds unfurl and develop their own unique character as they move with the body, reinforcing the uniqueness of each and every Khalique design. For men, the scarves are the natural evolution of the sartorial tradition, contemporary in execution yet timeless in style, while for women they embody the opulence of haute couture with the wearability of prêt-à-porter.

Where the scarves represent an incredibly soft and tactile addition to a contemporary luxury wardrobe, Khalique’s cushions are where the design brakes come off, allowing for fantastical embroidery and fabric innovation to take centre stage. Here you’ll find butter-soft nappa lambskin leather with heat-embossed pleats to mimic the fine waterfall pleats that are often stitched into silk chiffon or jersey couture gowns. Or a cushion inspired by a Giambattista Valli couture dress, covered in hundreds of squares of raw-edged silk satin and silk chiffon, with strands of ostrich feathers hand-stitched between the silk. Whether for your own home or as a bespoke luxury gift, there is nothing quite like these works of interior art.


About Fameed

It’s very likely that you’ve already had a brush with Fameed’s creations, given that he has worked on some of the world’s finest hotels, clubs, yachts and private jets. His career began in 1985 when he devised the renowned Fashion Aid charity event at London's Royal Albert Hall. From there, he went on to work at Alma Leather, a supplier of specialist hides to the design industry. It was here that he discovered his passion for luxury leathers, which in turn inspired him to set up his own business in 2008.

Since then, his modus operandi has been the unwavering pursuit of unique materials and textiles, collected from all over the world and curated in his Chelsea showroom. An innate curiosity for the beauty in objects has led Fameed to amass the world’s largest collection of luxury material samples, from hand-embroidered textiles to exotic leathers and precious stones, each one providing a narrative of inspiration for his Khalique collection.

With the help of a global network of artisans that he’s nurtured over the years, Fameed has become renowned for exciting innovations, both in the home and the wardrobe. In the former, these include adapting couture embroidery for home textiles and developing woven raffia wall coverings, while in the latter his intricate leather work has redefined what is possible with natural hide, turning luxury accessories into personal works of art.

Finishes from Fameed’s collections appear in many beautiful homes, yachts and private jets. His projects also include high-profile locations such as The Mandarin Oriental hotel in London (for which he supplied the leathers and fabrics), De Grisogono jewellery stores worldwide (which feature his wall coverings), concept store Clerkenwell London (for which he created a groundbreaking parquet floor using gold-finish aluminium) and Annabel's club in London (which features a number of his specialist finishes). “I’ve always loved artisanship and beautiful things,” he explains. “For me, experiencing and communicating a sense of wonder is vital – the discovery of something you didn’t know existed, and that makes you think: how on earth did they do that?”