The Brand

Fameed Khalique’s eponymous lifestyle brand, Khalique, was born of a desire to find a new, more accessible way to share his expertise in luxury materials. Embracing both fashion and accessories for the home, the collection employs hand-craft techniques to create unique designs, drawing inspiration from samples in Fameed’s huge archive of bespoke finishes.

While Fameed’s materials library represents the couture side of his work, the Khalique brand is his take on prêt-à-porter. Reflecting his lifelong passion for fashion, it has the fine craftsmanship and spirit of bespoke combined with the ease and immediacy of buying ready-to-wear.

What makes the products special is not just the palette of materials – all of which are sensual to the touch – but the way they are embellished. With some pieces, it’s about fine, subtle details; others are more extravagantly luxurious. Embroidery and beading inspired by haute couture are crafted in India, which has the world’s finest artisans in this field. Embossing, cutting and weaving processes are used to create surprising new textures on familiar surfaces. Everything is thoughtfully made so that it feels as good as it looks.

The collection is designed to evolve over time, exploring new inspirations and ideas as they emerge. One element will remain constant, though: Fameed Khalique’s passion for the world’s most beautiful materials.


About Fameed

Fameed Khalique is a connoisseur of materials and surface finishes. When leading interior designers are searching for a unique, hand-crafted or experimental finish for a bespoke project, they come to his Chelsea showroom, which houses the world’s largest collection of luxury material samples. From hand-embroidered textiles to exotic leathers and precious stones, these have made their way into prestigious homes, hotels, yachts and private jets all over the globe.

Fameed's career has spanned marketing and fashion, and began in 1985 when he devised the renowned Fashion Aid charity event at London's Royal Albert Hall. From there, he went on to work at Alma Leather, a supplier of specialist hides to the design industry. It was here that he discovered his passion for luxury leathers which in turn inspired him to set up his own business in 2008.

When he started his company, Fameed had an open mind about how it would evolve. He also had two core convictions: one, that interiors was rapidly becoming the new fashion, and two, that he had a gift for spotting unusual materials and using them in new ways. With the help of a global network of artisans that he’s nurtured over the years, he’s become known for exciting innovations. These include adapting couture embroidery for home textiles and developing woven raffia wallcoverings, inspired by some straw flowers glimpsed on a handbag. Fameed has also continued to explore the potential of leather and suede, taking inspiration from the fashion world to create unique finishes for the home.

Finishes from Fameed’s collections appear in many luxurious homes, yachts and private jets. His projects also include high-profile locations such as The Ned hotel in London (for which he supplied leather surfaces), De Grisogono jewellery stores worldwide (which feature his wallcoverings), concept store Clerkenwell London (for which he created a groundbreaking parquet floor using gold-finish aluminium) and Annabel's club in London (which features a number of his specialist finishes). “I’ve always loved artisanship and beautiful things,” he explains. “For me, experiencing and communicating a sense of wonder is vital – the discovery of something you didn’t know existed, and that makes you think: how on earth did they do that?”